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    Grinding Down Unsightly Stumps in Tupelo

    tree stump
    Stumps are often left behind when trees are removed, but you might find that a stump is just as problematic as the tree that was once in its place. If you have one or several on your property, you know that they are unsightly, and they can be hazardous, too. Garrison McKinney Tree & Bridge Services, LLC offers stump grinding and stump removal to clients throughout Tupelo. We use a professional grade stump grinder to removal all remnants of a tree from the area and ensure it is completely safe.

    Hazardous Tree Removal

    We also offer tree removal for standard and hazardous trees. Plants that are dying or precariously placed may require additional precautions beyond those typically employed. We offer safe and effective hazardous tree removal that will take care of any tree — no matter how dangerous — and leave the surrounding area safe.

    Logging Overview

    In addition to our root removal and stump removal services, we offer logging services to our clients. If you have timber on your property that you are considering harvesting, we can help you find the best ways to do so and ensure that you enjoy a maximum benefit from the logging process that takes place.

    Invest in Professional Service

    As beautiful as they are, trees can also be a hindrance. If you have a hazardous tree on your property or one that needs stump grinding, you may wonder how to take care of the problem. Luckily, a professional arborist can handle it for you. Garrison McKinney Tree & Bridge Services, LLC offers excavation service and a range of other tree care options to clients throughout the greater Tupelo area. For more information, please reach out to us at 662-372-4772.