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    When to Prune the Different Trees in Your Yard


    As a homeowner, if you want your trees to look nice and thrive, it is important to prune your trees properly. Correctly pruning your trees will help keep your trees healthy while promoting their overall growth.

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    Four Species-Specific Diseases To Watch Out For In Your Trees


    Some tree diseases, like anthracnose and bacterial leaf spot, can affect many different types of trees. But the most serious tree diseases tend to affect only certain varieties of trees. If you have trees on your property, it's important to know what variety they are so you know what diseases to watch out for. Here are four such diseases that are of particular concern.

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    Plant Mississippi Native Trees and Shrubs for Hardiness and Wildlife


    Whether you're choosing trees for a brand-new landscape or replacing trees lost due to storm damage, carefully consider the types of trees you'll plant. Think outside of the standard selections available at the big-box home store, and consider tree and shrub species that are native to Mississippi.

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